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Magnetic Air Spring Shoes


BIO-Magnetic Airflexology Sandal is an innovative product that comes with a function of
BIO-Magnetic Therapy, Acupressure massage as well as Air Pressure
(Oxygenated Air Pockets) to provide health benefits for the user.

The 34 Acupressure points in each chshioned sole pad hepls to stimulate the reflex zone under the soles. This heips to improve the body's blood circulation and generates stronger immune system to upkeep your health. It is suitable for all ages to enjoy the comfort massage and can be wom for a long period of time.

1. EVA soles to prevent Slip as it is surface resistant. It is also shock-absorbent

2. Patented Air Accupressure Massage Pad: TPE material utilises Nano Technology to produce silver ions, which can help to deodorise、antibacterial and promotes blood circulation.

3. Elastic massage air pockets with well-ventilated small holes.

4. 6 Pole BIO magnets Ring to adjust body's static electricity and magnetic field

5. Cushioned soles pads for ventilation, anti-odour and absorbing sweat
  • Guidance:
    1. it is common for new users to feel the stimulation is strong at the initial stage.

    2. It is advisable to continue to wear till the soles reflex zone get used to it in order to achieve the optimal results

    3. For pregnant women, please refrain from using this product

  • Hygiene and maintenance:
    1. When cleaning, please remove the cushion pad, after which you can use water or cleaning fluids to clean the shoes. Do not immerse the shoes in water for a long period of time or exerting too much strength to brush the shoes.

    2. After cleaning, dry the shoes from wetness(do not use washing machine to dry clean) by placing it in well-ventilated areas to let it dry naturally or under the sunlight (but not exceeding 2 hours)

  • Magnetic Air spring shoes with color of black & brown, for size S、M 、L 、LL

  • Features
    • Minimum Order: Negotiable
    • Reference Price: Negotiable
    • OEM/ODM Product, Buyer's Label Offered
    • FOB: Taiwan,Keelung
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