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Magnetic Earrings


Magnetic Earrings have 2 kinds of material as under.
Copper w/gold plating & covering the bio rare earth magnet inside.
Bio ferrite w/polishing or pearl dying treatments.
Item Specifications Item Specifications
MT-707 Series 8.10mmMagnetic Ball MT-713 F:9 x 3mm,B:9 x 3mm
MT-708C 4mm glass diamond MT-714 F:12 x 4mm,B:12 x 4mm
MT-709C 5mm glass diamond MT-715 F:15 x 5mm,B:12 x 4mm
MT-710 F:8 x 2.5mm,B:9 x 3mm MT-716 F:10 x 3mm,B:9 x 3mm
MT-711 F:10 x 5mm,B:9 x 3mm MT-717 8mm glass diamond
MT-712 F:10 x 2.5mm,B:9 x 3mm MT-719 F:12 x 3.3mm,B:12 x 4mm

  • FYI:"F" means front.
  • /:"B" means back.
  • Magnetic Strength: Around 1,100 ~ 2,500 ± 10% gauss.
  • Health, Stylish, Beautiful, Elegant, Charming.
  • To improve the nerve point, stomach point, addiction point, sleep point, head point, pain point.

Cautions: Please be noted that the following people are not suitable to use this product.

1. Patients who wear heart adjuster.
2. People who operate high-voltage machineries or work with high-voltage wire.
3. During electronic facilities usage for clinical examination or X-ray treatment.
4. Children under 7 years old.
5. Women are not suitable for use magnets during pregnancy.???
6. If you feel any uncomfortable after used this product, please stop using and go to see the doctor directly.
Order Information
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: Taiwan,Keelung