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Bio Magnets


  • Due to up-grading on magnetic properity for magnet, not only being used widely on industry field, but also be applied to medical machines, such as NMR, diagonstic imaging as well as magnetic healthcare products of mattress, pillow, cushion, insoles, wraps, support belt, plaster, acupuncture, bracelet, necklace & ear clips...etc. Basically, the magnets used in industrial and medical are quite different in both magnetic power and magnetic orientation. As a professional manufacturer on various kind of magnets, we should be delighted to share all of our knowledge on magnetic with you indeed.

  • Magnetic health product is developed based on the theories of a great ancient Chinese medical invention -Acupuncture. Every living body exists within a magnetic field. The medical applications of magnetic force have been proved by clinical experiments as well as modern medical science. Our products not only ornament your appearance but also adjust the human body static electricity and magnetic field. Besides, magnetic force improves blood circulation, increase blood oxygen and metabolism, release stiff neck, stiff back, still shoulder and muscle tension. Also, it helps reduce mental pressure and fatigue. Anyway, magnetic force will make you feel more comfortable.

  • Appearance treatment:
  • Application:
    Ear Clips
    Wrap Set
    Acupuncture Bar
    Magnetic Therapy
    Body cushion
    Support Belts
    Hand Ring
    Magnetic Plaster

Cautions: Please be noted that the following people are not suitable to use this product.

1. Patients who wear heart adjuster.
2. People who operate high-voltage machineries or work with high-voltage wire.
3. During electronic facilities usage for clinical examination or X-ray treatment.
4. Children under 7 years old.
5. Women are not suitable for use magnets during pregnancy.???
6. If you feel any uncomfortable after used this product, please stop using and go to see the doctor directly.
Order Information
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: Taiwan,Keelung
Other 1
Available Material Gauss Value
Ferrite Magnets 500~1600 gauss
NdFeB Magnets 1800~14000 gauss
SmCo Magnets 1600~5000 gauss
Plastic Magnets 500~1800 gauss
Flexible Rubber Magnets 350~750 gauss