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Headache Hammock


The Headache Hammock is your soluction to relieve your headaches and upper neck pain. The most common treatment today is over the counter and prescription medication which can cause severe side effects and can sorsen the underlying problem. Many more sufferers visit massage therapists,acupuncturists and doctors of chiropractic which can provide them relief but the recurring cists each year are staggering. The Headache Hammock is simple to use, effective, and portable,and is widely used by doctors and massage therapists in the US.
  • Length:24cm
  • Width:15.5cm
  • Height: 9cm
  • Weight: Approx. 620g
  1. Light and easy to carry
  2. Warming or cooling available.
  3. Design with human body.

1. Place the headache hammock on a firm surface, firm bed or floor that you can lie down on flat.
2. Lie down on the headache hammock like you're lying back on a pillow with your Knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. If you need to, put a pillow or bolster under your Knees to support them.
3. Next position the higher rounded portion of the headache hammock just beneath the back of your skull where it meets the soft tissue of your upper neck.
4. You should new feel pressure just below the back of your skull in the upper cervical musculature and your head may feel like its floating in space above the hammock of the device. The pressure on these muscles may cause a dull ache until the muscle tension releases.
5. Let your head and neck relax by slightly tilting your chin up and letting go of the weight
of your head. As your upper cervical neck muscles relax your head will taturally slide into the hammock of the device.

6. This relaxation can take between 3 and 15 minutes depending on how muchmuscular tension you have in your neck. At this time your headache or upper neck pain should start to subside.
7. You may then continue to lie on the headache hammock in this relaxed state until your headache or neck pain feels better. You may also, once your muscles relax, turn your head and work on pressure points on each side of your upper neck.