Year Event
1997 Established
1998 Magnetic Hand Chain, Necklace, Earring...etc to be developed
1998 Research of Magnetic Insoles, Neoprene Wrap Set...etc
1999 Magnetic Bracelet to be put into production
2000 Research of Magnetic Neoprene Wrap Set
2000 Research of Magnetic Men's Auto Belt
2001 New style of Magnetic Insoles appear on the market
2001 New style of Magnetic Protective Gear appear on the market
2002 New product Acupuncture Bar to be developed
2003 New Titanium Magnetic Bracelet appear on the market
2004 Minus-ion Magnets into mass production
2005 Magnetic Massage Equipment with multi function, Patent No. M272524
2005 New type of massage bar to be presented & magnet with gold coated available.
2005 Research and development on both germanium and magnet.
2006 Magnetic Bracelet with Germanium to be presented.
2007 Successful on new development of Magnetic Massage bar.
2007 Achieved 20 years of invention patents on Anion magnets.
2008 Magtech affiliated Companies Taichung Branch are opening on March.
2008 Magnetic Bracelet with Anion、pillow pad available.
2008 Songjiang Distributor Retail Shop are opening on 28 th July., 2008.
2010 Affiliates company’s retail website- Magnetic Shopping Mall Taiwan.
2010 Established co-operation Relationship with Yuan T. Lee Science Education Foundation.
2013 Getting Certificate of Energy magnet new structure! Patent No. M457543.
2013 Getting Certificate of Rolling Massage bar with multienergy ! Patent No. M466655.
2014 ISO-9001:2008 Certificated !
2014 The sole agent for the new product of Headache Hammock from USA. FDA Approval No.10043069
2016 Develop the Far Infrared Ray Magnet, and get the Inspection Report with concerned department.
2016 Cooperate with TAITRA and establish India contacting office in Mumbai.
2017 Cooperate with TAITRA and establish Indonesia contacting office in Jakarta. (Ended on Dec. 31st, 2018)
2017 Leaptong company certified by ISO 9001: 2015
2017 Establish Japan contacting office.
2017 Leaptong moved to the new office.
2019 Cooperate with TAITRA and establish another India contacting office in New Delhi.
2019 Cooperate with TAITRA and establish Malaysia contacting office in Kuala Lumpur.
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